Welcome back to Cape Town’s beloved Kalk Bay!

It was just too painful. While selecting pics for our recent photo extravaganza of Cape Town’s Kalk Bay (just dubbed one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods by Forbes Magazine), we couldn’t bear to keep out so many lovely photos. So we kept them for Kalk Bay Part Two.

Here, as promised, is More Kalk Bay in all its shabby-chic glory. We really don’t want to become Kalk Bay bores, but tell us how you cannot love a small village that has mountain, ocean, surf, harbour, coffee shops, the tiniest of theatres, great restaurants, winding back streets, a bookshop that organises free author-talks-with-drinks, plus… the most exuberant of vibes?

Enjoy this second collection. To see our first set of Kalk Bay images, click here. A big thank you to SALEM ETAKA, LEENTJIE DU PREEZ ( and a great group of Kalk Bay fans and residents who wrote to us and contributed photos.  We now promise to shut up about Kalk Bay (for a while)

We challenge you not to feel alive on this harbour wall  |  Photo: Leentjie du Preez
Chef Jeancy Nzimbu of the Courtyard Café harvests beetroots for the restaurant from an EarthPod – a nutrient-rich, water-saving mini veg-garden system created by Capetonian Deborah Weissenberg
Kalk Bay dwellers might be chilled and some of the men might sport ponytails, but they take their fitness pretty seriously
Ah, the view from Chartfield Guest House!
Some say Kalk Bay is shrouded by a lentil curtain  |  Photo: Salem Etaka
Harbour life. Is a woman’s work ever done?  |  Photo: Leentjie du Preez
If you’ve never stopped for coffee at the iconic Olympia Café or browsed the wire art on sale on its pavement, put it on your bucket list, bro
Décor at Live Bait Restaurant on the harbour wall is mainly on the outside. And yes, the colours really are this bright  | Photo: Leentjie du Preez
Well, obviously we had to give you a photo of a boat in the harbour and Leentjie did us proud  |  Photo: Leentjie du Preez
It’s amazing who you meet in Kalk Bay  |  Photo: Salem Etaka
… and it’s amazing what you meet in Kalk Bay  |  Photo: Salem Etaka
Fish, boats, sea. Why does this make us feel so happy?  |  Photo: Leentjie du Preez
Kalk Bay’s China Town lights the way. We’re now wondering why we ever put candles in anything else  |  Photo: Salem Etaka
What’s a harbour without a resident seal?  |  Photo: Salem Etaka
Kalk Bay appears to attract the kinds of car that Mr Bean would drive  |  Photo: Salem Etaka
Dalebrook tidal pool lowers local stress levels all year long  |  Photo: Salem Etaka
Cape to Cuba restaurant before the evening gets a little crazy  |  Photo: Leentjie du Preez
Good grief, shouldn’t they be huddled around a cell phone? |  Photo: Salem Etaka
Even the razor wire in the foreground can’t destroy our love for this place
Did you say you don’t believe in Father Christmas?   |  Photo: Leentjie du Preez
Calamari by the tidal pool at the Brass Bell pub
Why wouldn’t you want a little stroll here?  |  Photo: Leentjie du Preez
Retail therapy and elephants at Jane Valken boutique  |  Photo: Judy Neill
Ice cream and happiness on Kalk Bay Main Road
We just keep coming back to that harbour wall (sorry)  |  Photo: Leentjie du Preez
How on earth did this one get in, too?  |  Photo: Vanessa Rockey
The art challenge at Kalk Bay Modern: what do these two say to YOU?  |  Photo: Salem Etaka
And now for the best news ever. Even if you’re just Any Old Thing, in Kalk Bay you’re still wanted |  Photo: Salem Etaka

Where else should we photograph in Cape Town? Mail us

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